Hey Sumits Yogis! 
I am so excited to share my daily ritual with you during quarantine. I’ve had a little extra time to really slow down, and focus on what I want to get out of every day. 

Morning: I like to wake up around 7-8am usually without an alarm clock and make myself a matcha latte. I use almond milk and 2 scoops of cosmic matcha powder which also has vegan collagen, skin food, and beauty powder. I try to meditate or do a quick yoga practice just to start my mind off in a good place. 

Midday: I usually teach a class at noon, so I like to put in a little computer work before and after I teach. Around 3-4pm, I like to go for a long walk in Overton park just to get some sunshine and exercise. The sunshine is a great mood booster and great for your immune system! I love to put on a good true crime podcast when I walk. My favorite recent ones that I have been listening to are Sleuth, crime junkies, and counter clock! You should definitely check them out if you like true crime, and then text me so we can talk about them! 

Evening: In the evening I will do some more yoga if I feel like my body is a little sore and then take an epsom salt bath! My favorite! Lately, I have been splurging on buff city soap’s epsom salts. They are great for you skin, sore muscles, and your immunity! I also like to cook a good healthy meal in the evening! We have been cooking almost every day at my house. I will share some of my favorite recipes below, but one of my other favorite splurges is Green Chef! We just found it about a month ago, and it delivers delicious, super creative plant based meals that you would never think of right to your house. You get a huge discount the first few weeks, but after that It gets kind of expensive. However, if they deliver your food more than a day late you get a full refund which is nice :). After dinner, I usually watch a show or two and try to get to bed by 10pm so that I can get 8-9 hours of rest.